Monday, November 11, 2013

A Blog Announcement, and Some Thoughts...

So first of all, I'm done. I officially give up. That's right, I cannot post every day, much less post pictures every day. So my "Project 365" lasted maybe a whole 65 days, and a lot less than that if you count the number of posts... I'm just gonna do my best to have fun on here, because that was the whole original point anyway--me having fun writing and hoping that other people enjoy reading it. I figure it like this: I am not always a prolific person, and if there's anything worse than writing when you have no ideas, it is reading what that person wrote when they had no thoughts swirling around worth putting down: am I right, people?

I do hereby promise never to write when I have no purposeful thoughts.

One thought I did have a few minutes ago was why does Pampers bother making their "Overnight Protection" diapers? In my experience with diapers (considerable especially in the last several months), overnight diapers should hold more pee than regular diapers. It is that way with Huggies. But I honestly cannot tell the difference with the Pampers. Their overnight diapers are no better than the Swaddlers, and I think maybe the Swaddlers are a tiny bit better. Anyway, the Swaddlers are officially the winning diapers here, sooo glad they are in the bigger sizes now!

Also, I made breakfast cookies today, and they were awesome. I found the recipe on someone else's blog via pinterest. I think the only thing I might do different would be to add some dried fruit, like raisins or maybe blueberries (or chocolate chips, but chocolate should not be a normal breakfast ingredient, should it? If I'm going to eat chocolate for breakfast I'll just eat it straight instead of mixing it in to something healthy ;)  ). Also I didn't have any plain yogurt so I just used some peach yogurt; I couldn't tell the difference and hubby certainly hasn't noticed!  But now I am out of oats, raisins and dried blueberries not to mention chocolate chips. Yep I better quit this and go add those things to my list.

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