Saturday, January 13, 2018

Day Off, Not Really

Well, my diet came crashing down around noon yesterday. We went out together to run some errands and ended up having hot dogs at Costco. I did not eat the bun and did not get a churro. I did have a mocha freeze and half a Mountain Dew. And a stomach ache. Then made Dutch Baby for dinner. So this morning I was determined to start fresh and exercised while the coffee was brewing. But Someone wanted me to bake one last batch of coffee cake and I am a softee and kinda wanted some too. So we had oatmeal for breakfast--gluten free, right? :) Still gotta go to the store for eggs...

Now I'm doing laundry and a general housecleaning trying to remove all the remaining germs from Boy being sick last week, especially considering the flu is so bad this year. We have avoided it so far, are not going to mall playgrounds despite the rain outside, and are trying to maintain a general atmosphere of healthy eating/exercising at home and with God's help will avoid this winter plague.
So I'm gonna eat generally healthy today and start fresh on the diet tomorrow. Sundays are a hard day to start but it will give me two days to get my body on track before going back to work.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Whole30, Day 1

So it's Friday, finally a day off. I work 4 days per week at a private practice, and have alternating Mondays or Fridays off, so this is my 4 day weekend.

I'm not feeling terribly inspired except that I want to say, I am starting the Whole30 today. Will I make it the whole 30 days? I will try. But my birthday is at the end of this month and while I do not plan to completely blow it, if I were presented with a lemon meringue pie, I would definitely eat it :)  So that would mean a restart but that's okay. Or maybe at that point I would switch to more of a long-term plan like primal or the such like. Basically, I have two goals:  The First being to get back in shape, and the Second being to get control of my endometriosis and hopefully get pregnant. Actually pregnancy is the motivating goal but feeling achy and old is definitely a driving force. My doctor, when I asked him if there was anything diet-wise or supplemental that I could do to help, he said, "No, there's nothing." and walked out of the room. While I know that there is nothing scientifically proven to help, there are a host of anecdotes of women saying that they had Stage 4 endo and yet were finally able to get pregnant while on the Whole30 diet. So although I do not like the idea of giving up dairy, I think it's worth a try. I already try to avoid glutinous grains mainly because they do give me a stomach ache and bloating and other miseries so that won't be so hard to give up. Hubby is and has for a long time been on a fairly low-carb diet anyway so breads haven't played much of a role in our diet for about 5 years.  I have pulled out my gluten-free cookbooks from when I did that 13 years ago, and of course the internet is ripe with bloggers giving me alternatives for breads on a low-carb or gluten-free diet, should I be craving such items.

So here goes Day 1. I got up late (6:15), did exercises while the coffee was brewing, and now I should really make breakfast so I don't get so hungry that I completely blow my chances.
Fried eggs with spinach, sausage, and berries.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

How To Get Your Preschooler to Stay in Bed Longer, Please Don't Judge Me, and Other Thoughts...

One improvement in our lives around here is that Boy now "doesn't" get up till 7am. Seeing my post from a year ago about 5am and earlier, I am appalled that we didn't institute this rule earlier. But we did have psycho neighbors below us at that point and so I had to get up and let him get out of his room and keep him quiet watching TV to avoid getting the police called on us, or worse, the actual neighbors themselves pounding on our door at 5am (insert shudder and mitigation of panic attack here). So anyhow, I heard some friends with 3 year olds talking about a special clock they bought that has a red light and a green light and the light will turn green when they are allowed to get up and I thought "huh!". Boy has known his numbers for several years, why didn't I think of this before??? So I went to Walmart and bought a $5 digital alarm clock and put a sticker over the minutes and said, "See? when the clock says 7 you may get up." Now of course their are various reasons to get Mom up before 7--can't find one of his bots or cars or whatever he was trying to play with while waiting for the clock to turn 7. But mostly, the rule is followed. SO a few days ago, I got up a 6 and had coffee and watched I Love Lucy ALL BY MYSELF!!!! It was awesome. I do have my alarm set for 6 am on my days off, but I only get up then about half of the time. My theory is that as they say that people should keep their bedtimes fairly regular that since I get up on my work days at 4:45 and 5:30 there is not a good reason to get up past 6 on the other days unless I want to severely shock my poor sleep deprived body at 4:45 again the next week. 

Also, ever since leading up to my surgery my back pain has been getting worse. And by that I mean that I often cannot get out of bed in the style of a normal person in the morning. My surgeon said my endo was so bad that it may have been causing my back pain, but alas when I quit taking pain meds my back pain was right there waiting for me. So I started some yoga based on a friend's recommendation, then also ended up starting physical therapy. I've only had one PT session so far but the exercises are good. However I have been fairly regular and yet my back still seized up last night. So I think I gotta do yoga and PT. And as of 2 days ago my intestines have been trying to murder me. Dunno why, thought maybe it was the fast food (Sonic burger) I had Thursday night but it's Saturday and I'm still cramping up off and on.  Getting old sucks, especially when you're not old. So ya I gotta eat right and get in shape and not look back. Especially if I want to have another baby. 

So anyway, it's fall and school has started for most of the known world and I have been asked far too many times if my 5 year old is starting kindergarten this year. And man I get a lot of mixed responses when I say I'm homeschooling, even from church people. Now, I really do feel like homeschooling is the best option for him, especially since it seems his learning style is a very strong mix of kinesthetic and some visual. He is also very active and I'm pretty sure he would get kicked out of kindergarten or labeled as ADHD or something due to his inability (at this point) to sit and focus on books without someone sitting next to him keeping him going. He is not a follower and could care less if the rest if the class is sitting if that's not what he wants to do. Thank goodness his Sunday School teacher homeschooled her own little boy who was just like him and is not at all bothered by having to make him sit still! But you see, it's not ADD or ADHD, it's just lack of interest in certain things--he can play for hours with cars or trains or bots, but drawing letters is a little boring. So he needs something to help make it more interesting to connect with him as well as learn a little discipline about doing what we don't really want to do, and who better to teach him that than his own Mom and Dad who are personally vested in giving him the best tools possible for a good start in life? I know there are many awesome teachers out there and I have known many of them who I would be happy to have teach my child, however they have a class full of children to educate and cannot do "one-on-one" constantly with one child and still teach the rest of the class. So here goes...taking it a year at a time and praying for God's grace and guidance each and every day.  Seriously, how else do people think we homeschoolers do it? Some blissful ignorance of how easy it will be? Some notion that the kids will absorb the material? Well for the record, it is hard work and dedication to doing the best that we possibly can as parents for each child, along with the recognition that the method will look slightly different for each child. I should get off my soapbox now before I go overboard. Happy Saturday to all you Mamas out there! 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Cars, Surgery, Pancakes, and Other Fun Things

Ohhhh boy. So it's been over a year since I have been able to think much about my blog beyond a few mental compositions. I am sitting on the sofa talking to Lighting McQueen about the fact that Boy needs to watch more racing cars (his Cars movies). You see, apparently boys make requests to their mothers by having their cars make the requests. Some days I talk more to my son's cars/trains than I do to my son! Well probably not really, but it feels like that.

So anyway, my husband finally dragged me down to Best Buy and made me buy a new laptop. And then the Intel rep that was there found the exact computer that I wanted in a special sale display case of computers that were returned within the 14 day return period--fully tested and work perfectly but cheaper! Which made me very happy considering how much I loathe spending money on electronics.

So much has happened in the past year. We have moved to a new town, close to an awesome church and all our new friends that came along with the awesome new church. I am still working where I was before, which means I have to get up at 4:45 in the morning two days per week -- but I really like that office and have found a third day at another office that I love. So now I only work Tuesday - Thursday, no more crazy temp/fill-in schedule. we have been doing said crazy schedule for the last year and are soooooo relived that it is over!!! Anyway I am sitting here drinking my coffee and reveling in the fact that if the temp agency calls me to work today that I can say "NOOOOOOO"!
And then a month ago, very sadly, hubby's Grandmother passed away. She was 89 (almost 90) and had just found out she had stage 4 ovarian cancer, and she went to heaven just 2 weeks later. So now she is in perfect health with Jesus, which we are praising Him for, but we also still miss her so much. She was such a big part of our lives, it feels very strange.
The week after that, we flew to Reno for my brother's 30th birthday; his wife had planned a surprise party for him and managed to keep him completely in the dark through almost a year of planning! So that was a super bright spot after the very dark spot and it was awesome to have a weekend away seeing family, and Boy playing with his cousins. Even my brother who we haven't gotten to see since Boy was a baby came! He lives in the Midwest, so had to leave the 5 kids and wifey behind (can you imagine the airfare for that many people??!!) but we were all so excited that he got to come anyway!

Next up on the docket---middle next month I get to have surgery. "Get to?!" you say? Yes! As it turns out, after years of avoiding the fertility specialist, I finally went and he said I have severe endometriosis which is preventing pregnancy--if we can get most of it removed, I should be able to get pregnant fairly easily after that! So it will be an outpatient laproscopy, after which I will get to spend four days recovering -- lounging on the couch being a princess while hubby gets to do all the housework/laundry/kiddo care. See? It's definitely a "get to" situation :)

I guess that's it for today. I think I may attempt some coconut flour pancakes if I can talk myself into going to the store for eggs. However I'm still annoyed that I forgot eggs when I was at the store last night. So maybe we'll just have bacon for breakfast.

Friday, April 10, 2015

5am Trouble

How could anyone not smile at this face at 5am!?

Okay so disclaimer in case you think our Easter chocolates have lasted too long; I wrote this post just after Easter but then I tried to attach a photo but my iPad simply added ALL the photos in my photostream and I couldn't delete it. And it has taken me this long to sit down at my hubby's laptop and properly edit it. Anyway the 5am trend has pretty much continued except today it was 3:58am. LOL!!!!!!!!! (okay maybe I am too tired to care anymore...)

So I was awakened at 5am by a light coming from the hallway. And I would have taken a photo of what I saw if this was 20 years ago but with all the capabilities these days for people stealing our digital stuff without our knowledge I decided not to. And I was too irritated to take a pic of just the mess minus the boy. So anyway the first thing I see is that Boy is stark naked. Then I noticed that he had scooted a chair up to the fridge to procure some things I had stashed out of his reach, among which were the bubbles he got from the Easter bunny. A small area of the carpet in our hallway is now nice and clean due to the amount of soapy bubbles water that was dumped on it. I just put a towel over it and left it be, as I didn't figure there was any point to trying to clean that much soap out of the carpet. In the living room I found he had unwrapped quite a bit of his Easter chocolates and eaten a few, leaving the wrappers strewn about as evidence. I guess I should be thankful that he's not yet at the stage of hiding the evidence. Of course in his mind it was pretty logical, he got the bubbles down so he could dump the contents of one bottle into the next, which is tons of fun until you run out of bubbles to dump, and who doesn't love unwrapping colorful foil off of chocolates?!

And now my cute little troublemaker is over at the table counting some toys "how bout 11, then 12, woohoo! Then 16, then 18, 19, 20. Are they bees? They're kinda like yewwo". I love listening to him :)   Oh and I forgot to mention my main suspicion this morning--I'm pretty sure he has been up since he woke me at 3am with a wet bed. So here's to him taking a nap today! And if he doesn't, God help us all endure the forthcoming 4pm meltdown. Bottoms up on the coffee!

Monday, February 23, 2015

The 5am Club

So last week I came down with the dreaded whatever-is-going-around and was miserable all week, finally feeling relatively back to normal by Saturday. Combine that with hubby not feeling well and both of us trying to work, my house was dreadful. But I can safely say it is looking pretty well and lovely right now. It was already looking better by Saturday night, and then this morning hubby got up at 5:20 am for work, and I gotta say it was all I could do to drag myself outa bed and make his breakfast and lunch. However by the time that was completed I was pretty much awake; so between 6:10 am and noon I got the house picked up, vacuuming done, bathroom mostly shined, school done with Boy, deep cleaned under/behind the range in the kitchen, some mending done and of course breakfast and lunch eaten. Then I felt completely free to take a nap as soon as Boy went to sleep, because I got so much done which made 5am totally worth it. Except he's not alsleep yet. He is however this minute in the bathroom pooping on his little potty which is a great big hooray for me as this aspect has been such a struggle. I mean, how do you convince someone that pooping in his underwear is not okay who has done that business in his pants for his entire life???!!!

And now he's back in bed and I'm still hoping for a nap. We'll see.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Typing on my iPad...

Okay so to say life has bee a little crazy the last couple months is probably an understatement. Hubby started a new job in November and has simultaneously had some health problems to deal with. The dog got sick a couple times, Boy and I both got colds in December (I think it was then???) and then of course there was Christmas drama to deal with...and now Boy has been sick with fever off and on for the last two weeks. Yesterday morning when the fever came back again I called his doc and the nurse said it would be a good idea to have him seen at this point. So we took him to the evening clinic at 6pm last night (the first appt we could get) and the very nice pediatrician we saw said its hard to tell if he's just had multiple viruses back to back or if it's a sinus infection. We decided to get some antibiotics just to be safe and hopefully that will make our poor sick boy well again.

In the midst of all the sickness I missed Gal's Night Out with the church ladies last night and am missing the baby shower of one of the ladies in our Small Group this morning. I haven't even gotten to go buy her gift yet, that will have to wait till next week...

Just before Christmas Boy dumped my computer out of the chair he decided he wanted to sit in and it landed right on the charger cord where it was plugged in to the unit. So I no longer have a laptop, hence my disappearance from my blog...but I can only not write for so long, so am typing this with two fingers on my iPad screen. No, I haven't picked out a keyboard for it yet because electronics are basically at the bottom of my list of things to spend time thinking about or spend money on. Although considering the modern age we live in, I may have to adjust my priorities a wee bit.

On the bright side, potty-training is pretty much complete although he still does occasionally wake up wet in the morning despite the fact that we still do a diaper at night. Poor boy is a heavy sleeper like his Mama was...  Oh, and we have figured out what had made him so congested for the last two years, he is very allergic to dust mites! I gotta admit I was not thrilled with this information because I do keep a very clean house but apparently those critters live in even the cleanest houses. So I just gotta be even more thorough with vacuuming his room and wash/freeze anything he sleeps with weekly. Not much more than I normally do so not a big deal, just freeze the stuffed animals and whatever pillows I don't want to wash that often until I get some special pillow cases. It really has made quite a difference for him, until the last two weeks of him being sick...

Oh and I just remembered its Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's day to y'all and I'll see ya soon, hopefully not months from now again!   xoxo

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Distracted Mom Writer

Mom collected these leaves for me and I think they're so pretty with crystal and candles!

They say a true writer must always write; there is a type of compulsion this person has that prevents them from not writing. However, I disagree. There is another type of writer, the Distracted Mom Writer. This person is every bit as frazzled, has just as many compulsions to write, but this person is stuck in an alternate universe. This is a universe of being pulled in too many different directions; or maybe it is just one in which the poor lady is too much of a disorganized workaholic to actually sit down at the computer and put those thoughts on paper. This person constantly has thoughts of what to write about and what she would like to say swirling around in her head, but never actually makes it to her blog page to put those thoughts down. There is always something else she "needs" to do. Now, I know that many, many, many of the bloggers out there are Moms. They manage to raise 5 kids, homeschool them, write a book, can their own green beans and make their own yogurt and run a home sewing business on the side. Sometimes I have felt intimidated by them because I barely get one child homeschooled (although he is only 3 so not too much pressure yet), the house cleaned, and the sewing done that I need to do. I have thought multiple times about doing some sort of fun sewing business and selling on Etsy or Ebay or such, but I know I would probably experience a mental breakdown before I got very far. Why? I am the Distracted Mom (Writer, Seamstress, Housekeeper, Errand Runner, Cook, etc...). Emphasis on the "Distracted" part. I always find something else I need to do, often before finishing the 3 or 4 projects I already have started. But I just remind myself that there is nothing wrong with me, I am just different. I get my family fed, keep them in clean clothes, and keep the house clean (well, I keep it mostly dirt-free, "clean" is a relative point when you have children.).

Case in point: I have not finished the Christmas stocking I started for Boy before he was born, and I have not started the train quilt I said I would make him; I also have several small home decor/useful projects I want to do. However, today I am going to make a doll dress; my niece's birthday party is tomorrow (she's turning 2) and we can't go, but I still want to get it made today and put in the mail on Monday. Of course I came up with the idea of making it late yesterday. And that also reminds me I am going to try to make some Christmas presents this year and if I don't get started soon I won't get them done at all, which reminds me that Hubby said a couple of his new suit jacket sleeves are too long and I need to shorten them--he is awesome at scoring very expensive dress clothes at very low prices at thrift stores, but the downside is that I do a lot of tailoring. So there you have it, I think I have effectively wandered from the point of this post, which was going to be something along the lines of a comparison and contrast of different types of writers, maybe I will try that again another day :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Life in September - Some days are crazy - This doesn't describe the half of it...

So I'm sitting on the bathroom floor saying "Are you done yet?" to a 3-year-old who would rather sit on the potty for an hour than go to nap...You know, potty training is much harder than I imagined. I mean, I figured that once he realized he didn't have to constantly have that stuff against his bottom all the time, and got the hang of going on his little potty that all would be fine. Now don't get me wrong--he wears big-boy underwear when we are home, and I haven't cleaned any accidents up in at least a week--awesome! And he has started telling me sometimes when he needs to pee. He usually only does his #2 business in his diaper at bedtime/naptime, so at least I'm not cleaning that up anywhere, but I'm not sure it is good for his little tummy to be waiting like that... 
On the upside, while he doesn't care as much as I would like him to about potty training, he really loves learning! He knows his shapes and colors and numbers and we are working on the alphabet. Every day he surprises me with something I didn't realize he had picked up on! So ya I'm trying to start preschool with the craziness around here. Hubby starting a new job--Yay!!!! I am trying to cram in my CE (gotta finish today) so I can renew my hygiene license today and I have several suit pants of hubby's that need to be tailored as well as some random paperwork we gotta get in for the new job.
And it is beginning to be cold outside--there is condensation on the living room window and Boy just said "Is messy? Clean wawer off?" and I got to explain condensation to him so I guess we have already got started on science this morning :)  I am so happy for fall to start this year, and I am already looking forward to Christmas. I really gotta get my random stuff done so I can get Boy's Christmas stocking finished this year.
And apparently I jinxed myself--just cleaned up an accident...oh well. Here's to Monday! (Raise coffee cup, gulp it fast, and go refill it!)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Potty training continued; and what makes you a better Mom?

For all the messes he makes, he is orderly after all :)
So today was the second time Boy announced that he needed to go potty! (Yes the first and only other time was like a month ago...) So we ran and made it to the bathroom on time and I did lots of praising and he was very proud of himself; we may succeed in this endeavor after all!

In other news, I have been working a lot lately; I keep getting calls to fill in at offices. So the other day I had a patient who was a mother of teenage children. We were talking about that it is hard leaving the kiddos to go to work when they are little, but that some days it is an easier job to be at work than at home (and if the job is harder/more stressful than being at work then you need a new job!). Anyway, her comment about leaving them in the morning even though it's hard is that "Ya, but it makes you a better Mom.".  I was silently saying "Huh???? So the Moms who choose to or get to stay home with their children are worse Moms???? Ya I don't think so!!!!"

After all didn't she just get done agreeing that it was harder to stay home with the kids? Just my thoughts, looking at it from a Christian perspective, things that are harder for us to do tend to be more sanctifying, so wouldn't that make us better Moms too? See, what I think people should realize, is that Moms who stay home, or Moms who work outside the home are not better than the other. Our duty as Moms is to do the best we can for our children each day, and sometimes (okay, probably often, if we are honest with ourselves), that is not the easy choice or the one we imagined when we blissfully pictured to ourselves what kind of a Mom we would be before we actually acquired the title.

Here's the bottom line: we are to do everything we do as unto the Lord, and that includes staying home all day with your kids, or leaving them in capable hands (at our house that's Daddy) and going to work for a few hours and then coming home and being Mom for the other sixteen hours in the day. Either way, it's hard, and saying "This makes you a better Mom" or "That makes you a better Mom" is only hurtful to all the other Moms out there who are doing it differently than you. See? Mothering is hard any way you cut it, but it is the best thing in the world to hear at the end of the day "Mama, you 'a pretty face!" and see your adorable 3-year-old beaming at you. Little moments like that and many many others are what define and make Moms great.

And now I should go check on the 3-year-old who is playing with his dolphin toy in the bathroom sink.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer days

We bought this water table for him when he turned 2 last year--he is loving it on these hot summer days!
I was going to start this an hour ago, then I spent too long snooping on Facebook. Well, and I baked a bunch of cookies and had tea. Anyway I just realized my free time is almost over -- Curious George is already over and it is 4pm which means I should head to the kitchen and figure out what I'm going to make for dinner tonight and dinner and lunch tomorrow since I will be gone at work...  The awesome news is that I got a new job at a wonderful office and tomorrow is my last day at my old office--YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!  Not to mention the fact that the Doctor and staff is wonderful, we start early (before 7am) so I am always off by 3:30 or 4 at the latest!!! Can ya tell I'm excited? ;)

So far, our summer is going great, although busy. We had a Thomas the Train party for Small Boy a couple weeks ago, have pretty much finished buying furniture/getting situated in our new home, and are trying to enjoy every sunny day as much as possible. Hence today at the park for two hours :)

Enjoying a snack at the park in the shade of the stroller :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Potty Training in Real Life...

So I've lost track of how many days since we began potty training and I certainly don't intend to count them up right now. Suffice it to say, we are not done. Making progress slowly but surely. Thus far we have gotten to the point where if we get him to the potty on a regular basis (anywhere between 30-90 minutes depending on fluid intake/time of day) we can generally avoid having to clean the carpet. (BTW in case you didn't already know, spraying a little vinegar/water solution on the spot after rinsing/blotting it with water takes care of the smell and kills the bacteria. Carpet cleaner is preferable for removing stains that may be left but I usually will only use that on old stains when he is napping as I don't like using it in the middle of wherever he is playing right then.) Unless of course he is wearing a diaper and it is 9pm and he is in bed "supposed" to be going to sleep. Then he will let us know multiple times that he needs to go potty and will happily sit on the potty and try for as long as we will let him. Today however, he jumped up from playing with his Duplo train and announced that he needed to go potty as he headed for the bathroom, ended up taking care of #2! I was so happy! Then 45 minutes later I caught him pooping again--this time in his underwear behind the armchair in the living room. Oh well, I am thankful for the one little step of progress today.

Of course I read the various blogs on potty training in one day, or three days, etc., but I have realized when it comes right down to it, it depends a lot on the child. Yes, a lot depends on Mama but just as much depends on the child. For example, I remember when my youngest brother (who had refused to potty train for months on end) turned 3, Mom put underwear on him and the first time he felt something running down his leg it terrified him so badly that he always got himself to the potty after that---he was the baby who fussed if the lid was off the milk jug and if his fingers were dirty. Now, I know every kid has different levels of dislike of dirt, mine is not quite like that but he does hate having dirty fingers; although he has no compunctions about getting them dirty! But I really thought that Small Boy doing things like taking his diaper off to pee on the living room floor (and it wasn't just one spot so that was not fun) and wanting to try the big boy potty and yanking on his diaper/fussing when it was wet were good signs. Not so much--the other day he stood next to his potty in the bathroom and peed in his underwear...again. There was also the recent occurence in which he stood on his potty with the lid closed and peed while brushing his teeth then said "Mama, water!" as he pointed at the puddle on the floor!

So to all of you in your third or fifth or tenth or more week of potty training, don't give up! Some children just don't mind making a mess, and have to be trained that those sorts of messes are not okay! That is why it is called potty TRAINING!  Pardon the overabundance of exclamation points.  And maybe I should add---it's been a few days since I started the first paragraph in this post and he hasn't announced the need to potty again, except for once when he was in the tub and needed to go #2---ya I was glad he didn't do that in the tub! In fact yesterday, he sneaked very quietly out on the deck to pee. Thank goodness the neighbor below us was not on his porch!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Potty Training Officially Day #1!!!

So yesterday hubby was at Walmart because we were out of diapers. The original plan was to buy just a few to hold us over then buy the Thomas the Train potty chair from Amazon that makes train sounds. However, hubby started looking at the potty chairs in Walmart, and called me. So we ended up with the Munchkin Arm & Hammer one (based on the fact that it seemed sturdy and the lack of distractions seemed like a good thing), a pack of White Cloud "pull-ups" (for going out/maybe bedtimes) and a pack of good old fashioned Gerber training pants. It was as I thought yesterday afternoon--put the disposable training pants on and he still feels fine about going in his pants. So this morning he slept in till 5:38 (yayyyy!!!!) and  I got up and after a bit of coaxing, managed to get him to try the potty then we put on his big boy underwear. We have tried again on the potty chair once since then but with no success yet. So I am now risking my carpet and my sanity with a rather unprotected boy who is sitting on the floor in front of me watching cartoons and eating Cheerios. I have asked him several times if he needs to go potty and he just says "nooo potty" so I guess we'll see how it goes! He has showed interest in the potty for a while now but I was waiting till we moved, to help maintain my sanity in the process. We are hoping it goes quickly now, I do know he doesn't like being wet/dirty and he can definitely communicate with me; so fingers crossed/knock on wood/many prayers that this goes well!


Friday, May 9, 2014

Time to set some rules!

Okay so this morning it was 3:38. I put him back in bed and he had me awake again by 5:40. And I went to bed just before midnight. So ya I'm regretting that! Now I'm letting him watch way too much tv just so we can make it to early lunch/naptime without him melting down...And then I may take a nap, but being as I have sat way too much this morning, I may try to get something done with myself. I don't know. Annnnd meltdown impending...Gotta fix this morning routine!!!