Saturday, May 10, 2014

Potty Training Officially Day #1!!!

So yesterday hubby was at Walmart because we were out of diapers. The original plan was to buy just a few to hold us over then buy the Thomas the Train potty chair from Amazon that makes train sounds. However, hubby started looking at the potty chairs in Walmart, and called me. So we ended up with the Munchkin Arm & Hammer one (based on the fact that it seemed sturdy and the lack of distractions seemed like a good thing), a pack of White Cloud "pull-ups" (for going out/maybe bedtimes) and a pack of good old fashioned Gerber training pants. It was as I thought yesterday afternoon--put the disposable training pants on and he still feels fine about going in his pants. So this morning he slept in till 5:38 (yayyyy!!!!) and  I got up and after a bit of coaxing, managed to get him to try the potty then we put on his big boy underwear. We have tried again on the potty chair once since then but with no success yet. So I am now risking my carpet and my sanity with a rather unprotected boy who is sitting on the floor in front of me watching cartoons and eating Cheerios. I have asked him several times if he needs to go potty and he just says "nooo potty" so I guess we'll see how it goes! He has showed interest in the potty for a while now but I was waiting till we moved, to help maintain my sanity in the process. We are hoping it goes quickly now, I do know he doesn't like being wet/dirty and he can definitely communicate with me; so fingers crossed/knock on wood/many prayers that this goes well!


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