Saturday, January 11, 2014

And I'm back, promptly and randomly on January 11th!

Oh wow! I've been very absentee, basically an unannounced and indefinite break to recharge my brain. It felt like November and December just sucked the life right out of me. Not the "stressful holidays" thing, because I love the holidays! I think it was my job; it was not going well and me being generally tired/exhausted anyway, I just couldn't find the gumption to fix things. But then we had nearly two weeks off over Christmas and New Years, and this was my first week back, and I must say it went better. At least the powers that be were happier with me; I don't think I changed much, but things are improving, at least this week, we'll see about next week...   
So my brain feels finally back to writing capacity. And that is not because of a more organized life, trust me! I think I must have just been experiencing writer's block. Anyway, my house is the picture of disarray; we bought a desk for hubby, and it was delivered yesterday. It is now sitting in the middle of the living room because I need to do some organizing/rearranging in the room it will go in. Yes, I have my work cut out for me today! So right now, I am working on my second large mug of coffee while Boy watches Curious George; I told him that when this episode is over, he has to get up and play. Which means Mommy will have to get up and get to work around here... Also, there is a very large batch of dirty dishes in the kitchen. You see, Boy woke up sick on New Year's Day--fever, cough, and general misery. Then it went round our little family--next to Papa and then Mama. I still don't feel up to par, but at least I'm not constantly blowing my nose; however my head feels stuffy and weird, so it would probably be better if it would all drain out. I am thinking right now that I would like to spend the rest of the weekend lounging and getting better but I can't do that; hubby is working the next two days and then I am working the two days after that, so I just gotta drink plenty of tea with honey in it and some airborne and hope I get better. Maybe I will try getting to bed before 11pm--that might help!
Well, Boy is up and running, so I better be too.
See you tomorrow!

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