Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Getting Older

Ehhhhh, well tomorrow I turn 32. I know, to some people that sounds so old, and to others it sounds so young. I'm NOT going to do what seems to be the usual these days and say "OHHHH I'm SOOOO OLD!" I have seen numerous posts lately on Facebook where people younger than me are complaining that they are getting SO OLD as they turn 25 or 28 or 31. Um hello! Do you realize you are telling every other person who is older than you that they are SO VERY OLD!? It can irritate them "just a touch". I have decided the best thing to do as I age is to just be thankful to God for another year. I remember when my Mom turned 50; she was so happy because she was recovered from her bout with breast cancer and feeling so much better. She was just thankful to God for another year!

Last weekend we celebrated our birthdays together, as hers is four days after mine. We all met at the waterfront carousel and the kiddos got to ride the carousel then all over the playground equipment then we went to the children's museum where we had lunch outside while I tried to get my active boy to not climb over the back of the bench we were sitting on then we went in and looked at all the cool kiddo-interesting things including a very cool train which Boy LOVED then went back outside and followed the kiddos up and down a very high jungle gym maze then did birthday gifts then went our separate ways back home. Yes, I realize that was a horrible run-on sentence, but if you read it out loud you will feel out of breath and a little tired, which is how I felt after that day. And the day wasn't even over; on the hour drive home Boy fell quickly asleep (good!) then we picked hubby up from work and went to spend the evening with hubby's brother and sis-in-law and their baby girl. She is such a funny small one, she tries to follow Boy around and he wants to play with her but doesn't know what to do with her; so he tries to pick her up which works out about as well as you can imagine if a 2.5 year old picked up a 1 year old. Yes, overall, a lot of fun that day!

Anyway, I just stopped to get a cup of tea and remembered that I have a pile of laundry to fold.
Adios for now, friends!

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