Monday, February 17, 2014

Thankfulness--because it should be all year long, not just in November!

Okay, this is going to sound super lame. I just opened my blog page to begin this post and was startled to see the photo of my most recent post. Yep, I completely forgot that I had actually finished and posted that post. Sad, I know; and now you know how bad my memory is. My poor family...

Anyway, today I am composing a list of blessings for Mamas to count.
1. Be thankful you are getting no peace when you are in the bathroom -- at least you know exactly where that 2-year-old is instead of wondering why he's being so quiet SOMEWHERE ELSE.
2.  It's a good thing to do taxes--either you are getting a refund (always good!) or you are getting to discover what a good income God blessed you with last year (as you write that check to the IRS and wonder if you skip signing it if they will send it back and give you a little more time before you have to pay that bill!).
3. It's pouring down rain as you head out the door with the kids in tow so you can go to the Post Office to mail and important document that you don't want to get wet. -- At least it's not snowy/icy like it was last week! (Yep, I know, there is no good way to look at standing in line at the PO, especially with kids!)
4. Two-year-old getting out of bed a million times when he's supposed to be going to sleep--you are getting exercise when you would otherwise sit on your duff for an hour watching Downton Abby. (I know I'm grasping at strings there but that was my Sunday evening so what can I say...)
5. Well, why should it be five things? I'm gonna leave it at four, because multitasking anymore may just put me over the top.
I think that's going to be my mission for today, focus on a few things to be thankful for as I go about my day today, tomorrow pick a few different things, and soforth for this week.
What are you choosing to be thankful for today?

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