Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter Storm #2. Like, REALLY???

Aiyiyi... I'm trying not to look out the window. Well nevermind, I just did. 8" of snow in the past two days, in a city which rarely gets snow so doesn't believe in using salt (it's not "environmentally friendly"...) and can't be bothered to use the three plows they own. My hubby barely made it out of our icy parking lot and onto the main road (all side roads are nightmares) just now so he could go to work this afternoon. It was supposed to warm up today but instead we had freezing rain so who know what what will be coming next. I gotta admit, I'm already nervous about getting to work on Monday :(  Although I did just check which states that it is supposed to be above freezing by tomorrow early morning and a high of 46 degrees. So maybe it will all melt tomorrow. I never minded this kind of weather in the midwest, but here in the southern northwest it is just an absolute pain.

Anyhow, hubby and I had the wonderful pleasure of a date two days ago! Jerry Seinfeld was in town performing and hubby bought tickets months ago. Of course that was the day this whole snow/ice thing started, but we were not to be deterred. So we trekked carefully across town to drop Boy off with his uncle and aunt, then back across town where we had a very nice steak dinner (probably the nicest we have ever had in our 9+ years of marriage!) and then went across the street to the theater where we spent one of the most fun evenings of our married adventure together. Totally worth braving the elements for, and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Then back across the snow to get Boy. After we dropped the sleeping angel in bed, we got to go in search of the bad smell that met us when we walked in the front door. (This is nearing 11pm, mind you.) Sure enough, found the source; dog had gotten sick on the living room floor while we were gone. Why oh why did that dog have to get into the garbage the day before??? Cleaned up the carpet, got in bed and to sleep after 11pm. Then at 4am was awakened by dog being sick again, had to get up and clean the carpet again, went back to bed for about 1.5 hours then got up and went to work. Which was a slow day which thankfully ended early---it took me 15 minutes to clean off/dig out my car so I could get out of the parking lot and make my way home. I'm really wishing I had taken a pic with my phone so I could share it here; but I was just focused on getting out of that parking lot in one piece by then... Gotta admit, I'm not sure when was the last time that weather has stressed me out as badly as it has the last couple of days. So now, just trying to relax and enjoy the weekend. Oh wait, I have a sink full of dishes. Oh well, it was a nice thought anyway!

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