Thursday, March 13, 2014

Technology, Modesty, and Cheerios

A few thoughts as I was preparing breakfast:

1. Spring is here!!!! The photo my Mom took of one of her first hyacinths blooming.

2. I have been AWOL partly because my dear hubby bought me an iPad; I have been loving it, but because I am the delinquent who has not picked out the case with a keyboard that I want yet, I cannot type well on it. You should know, I don't really like my computer (it has seen better days); my husband will tell you that I can go for days without opening it. So yes I am planning to get a desktop eventually, because if it is out I will use it. In the mean time, I have definitely decided to get a keyboard case for my iPad, because that is the best solution for the tech-avoiding me. I am mostly a "technology is for useful things only" kinda gal.

3. A friend posted on her Facebook stream this morning that she wishes her well-endowed friends would not show that part of them half-naked on Facebook so often because she would rather they keep that for their husbands to enjoy instead of her husband running across it innocently as he was scrolling through his news feed. I couldn't agree more. I know that my husband feels he runs across enough images that are less than appropriate out in the world, that he shouldn't be accosted with those in his Christian friend circles!  Yes I know the subject of modesty is a hotly debated one that does divide believers, sadly enough. I am not advocating women covering up from collarbone to ankles, but I do think we ought to examine our hearts and our intentions in how we dress. And I will stop there for now, because this is a subject that takes up whole books.

4. Why does a two-year-old (who is nearly three) who hates having sticky fingers insist on eating Honey Nut Cheerios with milk with his hands??? And yes, when he is done he is covered with sticky Cheerios. However, this Mama feeds him breakfast in his pj's so that when he is done we just strip them off and put on his daytime clothes. Then the dog licks up the Cheerios off the floor. And with that, I must go mop the kitchen!

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