Sunday, April 6, 2014

Teddy-bear Travels

Boy was about 7 mos old here, Teddy was his new friend and One True Love!

Ehhhh it's been a busy week, but a pretty good one. Some drama, and plenty of craziness.

Monday, was fun with a little shopping and playing at the play area in the mall, until I realized Teddy was missing. Then it was a frantic 30 minutes of checking the car, retracing our steps, and checking and rechecking the furniture store we had been in. We finally found Teddy under a dining table that we had sat down at for a few minutes. The stress of almost losing Teddy (and knowing the stress that would ensue if we didn't find Teddy!) was too much and while Boy didn't even realize Teddy had been missing, Mama bawled and thus ended the mall excursion. Next was a quick grocery store stop and then I was very happy just to go home.

I only worked one day, which was a welcome break after the four days the previous week... Then I began packing, and have already used up the various boxes I have saved from diapers, wipes, etc and now need to send hubby to Lowes for some more. They seem to be the least expensive that we have found and are of decent quality for the price. I have lots of packing left to do, but I still have 19 days left so I think I will be fine.

Friday, Boy decided that he would like to sit on the big boy toilet--hubby noticed him in the bathroom pulling his pants down! Now I should add that this last week we have found him diaperless more than once, and he even relieved himself (#1) in the livingroom once. Ugh. So for the last two days I have been periodically taking him to the bathroom, although we haven't had success yet. I need to hurry up and get at least a potty seat, but I think we are going to go for the little Thomas toilet that makes train noises when the toddler has a successful session :) Anyway, yes of course I was wanting to begin potty training when I'm in the middle of getting ready to move. NOT!!! But apparently I have no choice in the matter; although if I did, my plan was to begin as soon as we moved. Ya know, a decent sized bathroom to put the toddler toilet in and a toddler bed (as opposed to the crib) would make the process easier, I thought...

Saturday, I was washing the stroller (hey, it's been in use almost three years--it was due!!!) and Boy decided it was a perfect time to dunk Teddy's legs in the tub too. Partially wet Teddy. Then a short time later I was in the bedroom packing and I heard the toilet lid--apparently Teddy needs to be potty trained too!!?? Very wet Teddy. Next I gave teddy a bath in the sink, and Small Boy insisted on helping. Very wet Teddy and very wet Boy. So the rest of the day Boy wore nothing but a diaper (because I didn't see a point in putting a third outfit on him) and Teddy had to sit over the fan to dry. I also decided that it was a good time for Boy to be allowed to watch Max & Ruby so that I could get something done without chasing after him every 3.5 seconds.

Today I am staying home from church with Boy because he seems quite tired and woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I finally just now got him in bed for his nap after a 40-minute search for Teddy; he just would not be still without him. Teddy was finally discovered in the window sill behind the blinds. Oh yes, if Teddy ever actually goes missing, it would be a very bad thing...

Boy no longer sucks on Teddy's tag, he now rubs it between his fingers--thus we have many pictures of Teddy face-down :)
As a side note, Teddy will be waiting in the car from now on.

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