Monday, February 23, 2015

The 5am Club

So last week I came down with the dreaded whatever-is-going-around and was miserable all week, finally feeling relatively back to normal by Saturday. Combine that with hubby not feeling well and both of us trying to work, my house was dreadful. But I can safely say it is looking pretty well and lovely right now. It was already looking better by Saturday night, and then this morning hubby got up at 5:20 am for work, and I gotta say it was all I could do to drag myself outa bed and make his breakfast and lunch. However by the time that was completed I was pretty much awake; so between 6:10 am and noon I got the house picked up, vacuuming done, bathroom mostly shined, school done with Boy, deep cleaned under/behind the range in the kitchen, some mending done and of course breakfast and lunch eaten. Then I felt completely free to take a nap as soon as Boy went to sleep, because I got so much done which made 5am totally worth it. Except he's not alsleep yet. He is however this minute in the bathroom pooping on his little potty which is a great big hooray for me as this aspect has been such a struggle. I mean, how do you convince someone that pooping in his underwear is not okay who has done that business in his pants for his entire life???!!!

And now he's back in bed and I'm still hoping for a nap. We'll see.

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