Friday, April 10, 2015

5am Trouble

How could anyone not smile at this face at 5am!?

Okay so disclaimer in case you think our Easter chocolates have lasted too long; I wrote this post just after Easter but then I tried to attach a photo but my iPad simply added ALL the photos in my photostream and I couldn't delete it. And it has taken me this long to sit down at my hubby's laptop and properly edit it. Anyway the 5am trend has pretty much continued except today it was 3:58am. LOL!!!!!!!!! (okay maybe I am too tired to care anymore...)

So I was awakened at 5am by a light coming from the hallway. And I would have taken a photo of what I saw if this was 20 years ago but with all the capabilities these days for people stealing our digital stuff without our knowledge I decided not to. And I was too irritated to take a pic of just the mess minus the boy. So anyway the first thing I see is that Boy is stark naked. Then I noticed that he had scooted a chair up to the fridge to procure some things I had stashed out of his reach, among which were the bubbles he got from the Easter bunny. A small area of the carpet in our hallway is now nice and clean due to the amount of soapy bubbles water that was dumped on it. I just put a towel over it and left it be, as I didn't figure there was any point to trying to clean that much soap out of the carpet. In the living room I found he had unwrapped quite a bit of his Easter chocolates and eaten a few, leaving the wrappers strewn about as evidence. I guess I should be thankful that he's not yet at the stage of hiding the evidence. Of course in his mind it was pretty logical, he got the bubbles down so he could dump the contents of one bottle into the next, which is tons of fun until you run out of bubbles to dump, and who doesn't love unwrapping colorful foil off of chocolates?!

And now my cute little troublemaker is over at the table counting some toys "how bout 11, then 12, woohoo! Then 16, then 18, 19, 20. Are they bees? They're kinda like yewwo". I love listening to him :)   Oh and I forgot to mention my main suspicion this morning--I'm pretty sure he has been up since he woke me at 3am with a wet bed. So here's to him taking a nap today! And if he doesn't, God help us all endure the forthcoming 4pm meltdown. Bottoms up on the coffee!

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