Saturday, June 22, 2013


Well, I have thought about starting a blog for a while. I'm not one to constantly post my thoughts on my Facebook status, that seems to personal (LOL so intstead I'm doing a blog?!), but sometimes there are random things I'd like to record that just don't seem like status material.

Our adorable baby just turned 2 last weekend--where has the time gone???  And in one month my wonderful husby and I will have been married for 9 years!!!

It is a warm summer day and I have the windows open with fans in them to keep our tiny apartment from being an oven. The sunshine is truly lovely though, and I love warm weather so much that you will RARELY find me complaining about heat, unless it's over 90 :).  This morning after breakfast I ran out (alone!) to Old Navy--they are having an $8 sale today only on their summer dresses, and hubs said I should get me some. My wardrobe took a serious hit a year ago, not that it didn't already need some help post-baby, and as a result I don't have many cute things. I love wearing dresses and skirts so am working on my supply---got two today that were super cute! Funny how things that look blah on the hanger look really cute when I try them on, and vice versa.

"Small boy" is napping right now (I think!). I spent the last half hour scrubbing crayon off the cupboards, walls, and fridge while he "washed" his dishes in the kitchen sink. I've discovered I don't usually need to scrub it off the kitchen floor, our socks usually buff it off nicely! If my camera weren't broken, I would have gotten some adorable pics. Yes I have a smart phone but it's memory is full...  So now while I have some free time I think I may finish washing the dishes and do a bit of hand-wash laundry.  And I'm feeling a bit creative and it's too hot to turn the oven on and bake, so I may do some cross-stitching. Or maybe I'll surf the net for coupons for my next grocery shop. We'll see. :)

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