Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chocolate Chips

Ohhhh it's been a day. And it's only 3:30 in the afternoon. First, got called at 9pm last night to work at an office an hour away this morning. So of course I arrived ready for the day only to be told that they did not order a hygienist for today; the person making the order last night thought it was Wednesday (it was only Tuesday) so ordered a hygienist for Thursday (or so she thought) so they got me--a day early :(  But as it was their mistake I still got my timecard signed for the 4 hour minimum pay and headed back home. Then Small Boy had a MAJOR meltdown, during which he head-butted me and broke off the crown off my front tooth! (Have an appointment to get that re-cemented on Friday... For $98.00, yep there goes that 4 hour paycheck!). Then I called an office that I have been trying to get a job at, only to be told that they decided on someone else and "mailed out the rejection letters a week ago"! Ha! Ya still no letter in my mailbox. 
So I just finished eating two large chocolate chip quesedillas, because how else is a girl supposed to survive a day like this???!!! Kiddo is now up from his nap, a little happier, and watching Kipper. I just don't think he is still feeling back to normal. And he is 2, and is starting to assert his independence. And I am drinking my second cup of tea. And don't even think about trying to correct my grammar in this paragraph; my waistline shouldn't really intake another chocolate chip quesedilla...
And I am still supposed to find something to be happy about today...Well I have an ADORABLE curly-headed blondish Boy, and a hubby who says we will have a "date" tonight after Boy is in bed :)  And the best part of that date? I don't have to cook dinner because I made extra last night in preparation for me getting home late from work :)  So it's early to bed and watch a movie or something.
And now I shall finish my tea and see if I can get Small Boy to eat something, applesauce, or anything...Appetite still not picked up after being sick, poor baby :(

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