Saturday, June 29, 2013


Ah yes, I am one happy Mama today! First wonderful thing: we got an airconditioner!!!!!! The west coast has been having a heat wave, which, being in the Northwest and never getting much in the way of a summer, we minimized. Until we completed day 2. (Waving hand in front of face and feeling faint...) So now we and the dog are much happier; well we are, the dog is adjusting. I'm not sure if it was the flies that came in when we were installing it, or the fact of a new noise in the room, but dog was wigged out and trying to hide in Small Boy's room for over an hour. Until I dragged him out so Boy could take a nap... But dog seems to have adjusted and has been laying at my feet for an hour.
The second thing is that I found and downloaded a free trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements; and I am definitely in love!  I so happy that the trial lasts for 30 days, that gives me time to fix all of my photos that need fixing. Of course I will probably purchase it at that point...But let me say--my camera (which suddenly died the other day) always left something to be desired in terms of light balance when taking indoor pictures. Outside photos were usually pretty good, but the indoor ones really anoyed me. And believe me, I spent hours studying how to get everything right in Manual mode. But bottom line, it was a $300 camera like 5 years ago, which means in electronics years it was probably wayyyyy behind the times. So I have been happily fixing the lighting on so many cute pics of kiddo, and definitely have my work cut out for me for the next several days... :) :) :)  The dishes may get neglected due to this, but it will be a happy neglect! Next I need to research what camera I want to buy...
And now I better eat lunch and get Small Boy up from his nap--if I let him sleep any longer, I'll never get him to bed tonight!

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