Monday, June 24, 2013


Oh my goodness the allergies! :(  My nose is driving me absolutely nuts, just completely running away. I'm just glad Small Boy doesn't seem to be affected; well except for the eczema on his poor baby cheeks. But at least that doesn't seem to bother him; it's just pink and bumpy and gets worse when he's outside.
And poor Boy woke up sick this morning. I noticed he was a bit grumpy when I got him up but then Hubby kissed him and commented that he was hot--sure enough, 100.8 fever :(  So we spent the morning watching cartoons. He watched the 1940's version of Dumbo and just smiled and laughed the whole way through! I had no idea how much he liked elephants! He didn't want to eat much but did drink a whole sippy cup of milk and 3/4 sippy of "juice" (very watered down juice!) Then he ate only about 3 bites of applesauce at 11, picked up his blanket and teddy and headed for his bedroom. Awww so cute! Poor baby tho, he clearly wasn't feeling well, and fell asleep pretty quickly.  So that was our Sunday morning, here's hoping he feels a little better after his nap.

And now something that's got me irritated---weight loss commercials, pinterest pins for "amazing weight loss program" etc! So much pressure to be perfectly thin, that those of us who aren't start feeling like lazy fat slobs :(  Not good... There was a discussion on Red Eye Saturday night that I thoroughly enjoyed. They were discussing that the models today are unneccessarily thin which puts undue pressure on women to look a certain way (which IMO makes us all just want to give up entirely); and then Greg G (if i remember correctly) commented that it's only the women that think they should be that thin--the men like a bigger butt--curves and shapes! And my hubby agreed :)  And then I finished my beer and made us each a chocolate quesedilla :)  Yes it's good to be in decent shape--for your health and energy levels and all. Hubby has lost 60 lbs lately and feels so much better that he is trying to lose a few more! So proud of him!!! And I am trying to get pregnant again--then I won't need to worry about my extra 20 lbs. for a while :p
Well, here's to a great Monday--I raise my cup of coffee with Splenda in it to all the Mommys out there looking for the little happy things in life!

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