Monday, June 24, 2013

Random thoughts

Oh boy I am so tired. Got called to work at an office out of town this morning, and as hubby is off most of today, I went to work and he got to be home with sick boy. Who is doing much better fever-wise today! Sunday he got over 102 twice :(  He still didn't want to eat much but at least wasn't so feverish...So now he is in bed for the night (hopefully) and hubby and I are relaxing. The dirty dishes will wait till tomorrow. Along the lines of which, I finally gave in a purchased paper plates! I like serving/eating with glass plates, but when we don't have a dishwasher, I spend at least an hour every day washing dishes, more if I do any major cooking. And ya I just can't keep up.
Mostly the last couple days just praying for wisdom; you know--yes contentment daily but working that out with our end goals and how to get there in a way that will be a benefit for our home instead of being an extra stress/difficulty on our family. Nothing worth getting is ever easy but there are good ways and injurious ways to get to the same place...big burden on my hubby. I for my part am thankful for God's design for the family---husband leading and providing and wife following and assisting. We are a good team. And I am happy to be the wife---I know I just could not handle having the responsibility of leading a family. I however am excellent at being the household manager! Well at least mostly good, except for the dishes :)

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