Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Holiday week (not really)!

Ohhhhhhh. It's been a packed week so far, and not slowing down...Tomorrow hubby works and Small Boy and I go to the lake with my parents and some of their friends while hubby is at work; then maybe we will go watch fireworks together after that, depending on how Boy is doing. This week so far I have worked two long days and spent the other one grocery shopping and general housekeeping. So right now I am thinking that the nicest thing will be to put him in bed and go to bed early myself! You know, everyone says "Things change when you have kids."! Well that is the understatement of the year! Anyhoo, I'm feeling entirely uninspired and braindead. So I think the best thing is for me to say goodbye for tonight and just watch Duck Dynasty. First though, I'm gonna go check and see if the loud sound I heard over the baby monitor was Small Boy climbing out of his crib--a highly likely scenario. Here's to a wonderful Independence Day to all; let's thank God and our troops for the freedom we still have.

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