Sunday, September 15, 2013

Good deals :) (Project 365 Writing/Photography Challenge; Post #19)

As it happens, we had quite the eventful day. Two days ago. Yaaaaa that's me, right on top of things! Anyway, hubby had the day off Friday, so we decided to go thrift store shopping. We didn't make too many great finds, except hubby got a nice vintage jacket that he is "patiently" ;) waiting for me to wash so that he can start wearing it. (I take forever to take care of handwash projects.) (Fall is beginning, so a jacket is a nice accessory these days.) However, the last stop produced something wonderful. Yep, that little beauty of a train set; and it was only $4.99! So after Small Boy went to bed that night I had all kinds of fun cleaning and setting it up just so on his rug so he could play with it as soon as he woke up in the morning. The cars I lined up on the edge of the rug are these cool little construction rigs we found at Costco that day. They are made of kinda soft rubber and are "pull-back-let-go"; and the best part is that they won't break or hurt our feet if Mom and Dad happen to step on them. :)  (Which you may or may not know, is pretty likely if you have a busy little boy who carries his cars all over the house and leaves them in random spots right where you had a clear path to walk three seconds ago.) (Along the same lines, I have realized that parents break far more crayons by stepping on them than children ever do when coloring with them.)
As for this beauty of a dish rack, I was so happy to have acquired it that I have actually been enjoying washing dishes. You see, I have never owned a dish rack. (My mother never did either, just personal preference, I guess.) I have always had a dishwasher until this apartment, and I just never wanted to take up counter space with a dish rack, so I have always just laid any handwashed dishes on a clean towel. Of course since we moved in here, I have wanted this dish rack from Costco. But you see, I could never bring myself to spend $30 on a dish rack, no matter how nice it was -- kinda like buying expensive trash bags... Then every time I decide I will buy one of the cheaper ones at Walmart, I talk myself back out of them because they just look so small and flimsy and inadequate. Anyway, we were meandering down the kitchen wares aisle because I just always love to, and there on the shelf was this dish rack, marked "LAST ONE. $7.00"!!!! I'm pretty sure I squealed with joy right then and there and probably garnered a few funny looks. After all, how many women get excited about a boring white dish rack?! True, I really had my eye on the red one, but of course they sold out before the white ones. Anyway, I am happy to say that I think I finally am able to keep up with the dish washing around here. Who knew my problem was lack of an adequate dish drainer? But then, it has only been two days. :p

Happy Monday, everyone!

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