Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pinterest failures and other news... (Project 365 Writing/Photography Challenge; Post #20)

Okay, so you know that recipe that has been floating around Pinterest for crockpot apple crisp with just two apples? (It calls for 2 apples chopped, then 1/3 c brown sugar, a little cinnamon, 2 c oats and 4 c water). I have been wanting to try it for a while because I love the idea of getting up in the morning and having breakfast done. Take the lid off and serve it up--I mean, that is easier than coffee! Well, easier if you have to add sugar and cream to your coffee; if you drink it black than coffee is faster. But I digress. I was just so excited to get up and see my breakfast ready; but then I saw it.
Yup, it's mushy oatmeal with not enough sugar and no salt. Bleh. So I sprinkled in a little salt and added some sugar. Decent, but nothing special.
So disappointing. I ended up making Dutch Baby for Boy because he wouldn't try the oatmeal; no surprise though, considering his "refined" tastes. Then, because I cannot throw "good" food away, I dumped the leftover oatmeal in a pie pan and put it in the fridge. Maybe I'll talk myself into having some tomorrow or maybe I'll just leave it set in the fridge and then throw it away when it goes bad. I'm just not much for leftover mushy oatmeal--is that bad? So ya, my intuition saying the recipe didn't seem quite right was correct.

The other news is that I got a job today. Quite the shock really, I have been looking for something for the last year and pretty much given up. Two days per week I now get to get out of the house and talk to adults, and Small Boy gets to spend those days with Papa. It works out well for all of us :)

Anyway, hubby just brought in the mail and I got three new magazines. So I'm outa here, folks! <3

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