Saturday, September 28, 2013

Random thoughts of a Mama of a Two-year-old Boy (Project 365 Writing/Photography Challenge; Post #22)

Okay, apparently I am getting lazy; I don't have any other terribly good reason for my lack of daily posts. Of course, I'm not taking many pictures lately and that isn't helping either. I guess I'm just busy and feel slightly braindead by the end of the day (understatement of the year...).  I failed to mention that I got the job I was talking about last week. Of course that's good because I now have a predictable two-day-a-week work schedule; but those days are long, let me tell you! Barely any time for lunch, and it's between 10 and 11 hours between the time I leave the house to the time I get back, and I only work 10 minute drive from home. Hopefully I'll get faster with all that "paperwork" but at the rate the boss seems to pile extra stuff on, I'm not too hopeful for shorter days...but I am still somewhat hopeful.

Small boy has been having worse trouble with skipping naps; he is tired but just can't (or won't?) seem to sleep. So we decided to day that starting tomorrow, we are all just going to get up earlier in the morning; then maybe he will take his naps again and sleep better at night. As is, when he skips naps he is exhausted by 4:30 or so, in bed by 6pm, then wakes up several times in the night, then is just more tired the next day, is overtired and can't sleep, and the cycle continues... So wish us luck; it's gonna be hard to drag this Mama and Papa out of bed at 6am being as we rarely make it to bed before midnight... This is where I would insert an "Ode to Coffee" if I were more creative...

Today I was contemplating the many things you don't think of before you become a parent. Like that the light turning on in Boy's bedroom means he has climbed up and is standing on top of the changing table, and will next be getting into the rolls of wrapping paper that are hidden behind the changing table. And that you instinctively know the sound of all your safety pins being dumped out of their little box--the first time you ever heard them dump out (yes I spent 10 minutes closing them all one by one when I put them back into the little box!). And that you know the difference between the patter of those little feet on the linoleum outside the bathroom and the sound those feet make inside the bathroom, and that you have about three seconds to make it into the bathroom before he gets into the cupboard and pulls out your blow dryer (and you know that sound too) or before he turns the hot water knob on in the bathtub (because the people who designed that bathroom 50 years ago thought the tub should be facing the direction that makes the hot knob most accessible to little hands). And then you start thinking that the apartment bathroom designer person must not have had children and then you wonder if you are slightly crazy for nitpicking the direction the bathtub is turned but you know you are not crazy, you just have a two-year-old. And of course, there is always that distinctive sound of trouble, silence; today I found Boy standing on top of the back of the armchair that is in his room that I sit in when he wants to be held before bed. Yep, standing on it, rearranging the hangers in the closet (yes, I can only shake my head in dismay and think how wrong that quote is that says "God couldn't be everywhere so he made Grandmas" #1--kinda blasphemous, I don't need to explain...#2-- kiddos only survive toddlerhood because God is there watching them when Mom isn't and Grandmas certainly can't...#3--Oh my goodness where shall I start with the fallacy of that???) But you get my point, it is definitely only by the grace of God that kids make it through the body-first-brains-maybe-later stages!

Anyway, after rescuing my sewing box from Boy, playing a lot or at least trying to keep him busy playing,  then attempting naptime, we went to visit great Grandma, during which I did my normal up-and-down off the chair I was silly enough to bother sitting in, in order to keep him out of trouble, and then he fell asleep on the car ride home. Grandma commented it's a wonder I'm not as thin as a rail keeping up with him; and yes, I agree, it is a wonder how I have gained back 10 lbs in the last year... :(  I am now thoroughly exhausted so the dishes will have to wait till tomorrow. I am in this couch and not getting up... 

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