Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Project 365 Writing/Photography Challenge; Post #14

Well I clearly should never announce what days I am or am not going to take off from blogging; because I clearly always switch them around. You know, days get busy and life happens...

So today I made this apron. I made it slightly different from my last one, but still need to make some adjustments on the pattern for the next one. Yes, I am going to make more :) I used to have an apron that had a spot I could hang my dishtowel from, so that is what I was going for with this one; but I should have made the pocket/attachment higher, because it now pulls funny from the skirt. I'm going to do a decorative tack stitch and shorten the neck strap a bit tomorrow and then it should be perfect. It took me almost two hours to sew the borders on, and that should have only taken me 20 minutes. But you know Small Boy, up and down, round and round, into "trouble", turning my sewing machine off and on. Ya, I need my own sewing room so I can do these things after he's in bed at night... :)

Anyway, tonight is movie date night (Netflix rocks for parents!) so I gotta go :)  I may go visit Grandma tomorrow, we'll see how boy does with nap...

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