Friday, September 6, 2013

Feeding a Picky 2-Year-Old...(Project 365 Writing Photography Challenge; Post #16)

Sooo I am thinking I should really write a post, but the truth is that I am feeling completely brain dead right now. And ya know I'm feeling lazy because I took this pic with my cell phone... Anyway, I just finished off a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and am watching Netflix. I was also surfing some other blogs. Tonight during attempting to feed Boy something he didn't want to eat, I gave in. That's right, I dropped the burger, rice carrots, and peas all in the blender, then mixed it with applesauce and fed it to him that way. I have been saying for the last year that he doesn't need baby food anymore, so I'm not going to blender/hide his vegies. But I give up. I poured the leftover meat/veg mix into ice cube trays, then cooked/blended some peas/carrots and poured that into the remaining ice cube spots. The funny part was when hubby opened the freezer looking for ice cubes!
Well, I guess being as it is 10:30 pm and I'm not feeling inspired or opinionated enough about any other subject to write on it, I will just promise to return tomorrow with a better brain.


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