Saturday, July 6, 2013

Camouflage, observation, and other facts of Motherhood

So after a frantic search for a missing alphabet puzzle piece last night, I was reminded of two things---never leave an open bag out that is intended for the trashcan, and the most obvious things are the most obscure. Yes, I made the mistake of setting out the trash before it was to be taken out (before Small Boy went to bed), and I did end up searching through it for the puzzle piece, to no avail. Then I thought, "Well at least I can let hubby take out the trash and not lose sleep over whether I just threw away a piece of Boy's new puzzle." So I finished picking up the toys, combing through all the blocks and Megabloks, and rearranged some of his new toys in an attractive manor for him to wake up to tomorrow (am I the only OCD Mom who thinks the toys need to look "fun" in the morning?). Then I went to pick up my computer and there it was, the letter "L", on top of his alphabet board book! Camouflage! Yep in plain sight all along, right next to where all the rest of the letters had been before I picked them up 15 minutes earlier! Apparently Small Boy is on to something when he plays "hide & seek" with us and "hides" in the middle of the living room! Lesson: being a mother requires constant observation. (I know, duh!) And not just in the area of missing puzzle pieces, but in all of it. It requires stepping back and looking at things as an outsider sometimes. For example, when I'm home with kiddo all day, I don't notice so much that he won't hold my hand and follow my lead to do something. He does the hand-holding/leading. Eeek! That is cute at home, but when we are out and about, it is a major problem! I have to remind myself daily to observe and critique my child-raising practices, or next thing I know, the child will be raising me :)  Observation. 

And the final fact of motherhood I have for you this evening is that you will spend a lot of time in your pj's. WAY more time than you ever imagined! You see, it is only 7:30 pm and I am already in my pj's; and let me tell you, pre-kiddo I was NOT a pj's-all-weekend person. Nope, and I could never imagine how people could go the store in their pj's. :)  Now back to what I was saying--I am in my pj's, not because I have already had my shower for the evening, no! I had a plastic shoe-box sized bucket of water dumped on me while bathing Small Boy; and my pj's were the only thing in the bathroom to put on. Otherwise it would have been a scenario of very wet Mom trying to dry off Boy and get him in his pj's; and that would have been counter-productive, to say the least!
SO---get yourself some nice pj's---plenty of them---cute ones, comfy ones, whatever ones you love.  Because since you will spend so much time in them, you may as well have ones feel awesome in. Goodness knows, some days (especially the pj days) we need all the help we can get in that area! :)  So to all you awesome pj-rockin' moms out there, nitey-nite and God bless you!

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