Thursday, July 11, 2013

Food for Thought

So I ended up filling in at an office out of town today (yes the same one that ordered me on the wrong day 2 weeks ago)! The funny part was, I don't think any of them even realized who I was! :D  As I was driving I was listening to the Bible on tape where hubby left off and it was in Exodus, where it described how the Israelites made the tabernacle and the priests' garments. The detail was absolutely amazing; I started listening in the middle and it still lasted 20 minutes! Now, I know that kind of beauty in detail is not required by God in our churches today, but I also think many times a little more respect could be shown in how we present ourselves at church. I am not suggesting formal wear at the mid-week prayer meeting (or at any other time, for that matter), but I find it disturbing the number of people who show up in many churches on Sunday morning in their old jeans and comfiest t-shirt. When we show up on Sunday morning to offer worship and praise to the Almighty God I think that we should show our respect not only in what we sing and read and the sermons we listen to, but also in how we present ourselves. The New Testament church is built on the inner man, on our inner hearts, not on outward appearances. However, the posture of our appearances does somewhat show what is the posture of our hearts, does it not? If you are excited to see someone, maybe excited for a date night with your hubby, do you dress in your old tennies and big comfy sweatshirt? I think not! Should we not show at least that same honor to the God who loves us, provides for us, and holds our whole lives in His hands? What do you think?

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