Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aging... :)

Okay, I took an unintentional break from blogging. Things have been so busy, although not particularly eventful. If my "mommy-brain" weren't working sooo well, I would give you a detailed report on Friday; it would have been amusing! But by evening I was too tired to write it all down and my exhaustion erased my memory, for the most part. I do remember parts though, like when I was trying to put on my makeup, I had to wash out small boy's toothbrush several times because he kept rubbing it in the lip gloss sections of my makeup tray! I also had to keep retrieving my powder brush from him; I think I know why he paints his cheeks with his watercolor paints now! :)  He also has spent a lot of time sprinkling water out of an empty spice bottle and kept trying to get me to open the other spice bottles he was playing with; no thank you, I don't want lemon pepper in my cold cereal! It is so fun watching him change, he is lately really starting to talk more and imitate us. The only difficulty is that he likes to put things on the stove; yesterday he set his sippy cup on a burner he had just turned on! EEeeeeekkkkk! Ya that kinda freaked me out!
Sunday afternoon, we went to visit Grandma, actually she is hubby's Grandma so she is Small Boy's Great-Grandma, but we just all call her Grandma. She had a big galvanized tub in her back yard that we filled with water in a shady area and Small Boy had so much fun playing with cups and buckets and rocks in it. The plus was that it was 95 degrees out, so it kept Boy cool, and in one spot, so Grandma and I got to just sit in the shade and relax instead of our usual activity of chasing him around to get him out of things like the fertilizer or slug bait! :)  Also while at Grandma's, I got to go "shopping" in her fabric stash and came out with some nice fabric to finish off my denim aprons, as well as a piece that will make a nice pillow cover for my sofa pillow. So some time this week I will attempt sewing, while Small Boy gets into mischief behind me. Because that is how it will work.

And I discovered something about myself over the last several days; I am getting older. You see, I have been making more of an effort to make myself look nice lately, i.e. putting on makeup, and I have discovered, much to my chagrin, that I need to start actually taking care of my skin. (Insert very sad face here) When I put on that foundation (the same one I've always used) my skin just looks dry and flakey. Ugh. Yes, I know I've made a good run at my little-to-no skin care regime, but considering my mother and her mom, and I do resemble both of them, I had better get on top of things or I will be looking 50 at 40! Now don't get me wrong, my Mom looks great; and she has been faithfully taking care of her skin since she was like 20. Just the ladies in my family do wrinkle, and although I know I can't prevent it, it is time to at least start slowing it down...  So, having tried several different cream samples, I think I have made my decision. Now to find good coupons/sales for said items, because I just can't bring myself to pay full price for anything if I don't have to. However, in this whole discovery process, I have also found about 5 other items I need to add to my makeup arsenal, so yep, definitely on the coupon hunt! Or maybe I will just go to Sephora, where I get a nice discount anyway. Hmmm ya, that is a really good idea!

And now I am really hungry, so I guess I better figure out something to eat for lunch.

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