Thursday, July 25, 2013

People are crazy

Yes, if you are wondering, that is a line from the song by Billy Currington. I worked the last two days, and I was so glad yesterday was my "Friday"; my afternoon was mostly a reminder that people are crazy. Some days, you know, it seems like you just run into person after person who's lives are so messed up in one way or another that it leaves you feeling entirely drained and depressed. It just really made me think of how grateful I am for my and my husband's salvation; for God having been gracious to us and rescuing us from the holds of Satan, who so successfully destroys so many people's lives. It made me so grateful, that while we cannot protect all the helpless children out there in bad situations, that we do have our own small boy who we can protect, and raise in a happy home free from fear, knowing only love. It also made me realize how much more faith I need, how much more I need to lean on God. I mean, we all need to lean on God more; but some times things can upset a person so badly that it's easy just to focus on those things and forget to bring that focus back to God. He is the creator and ruler of the world; and while He does not approve of many many human behaviors, He allows them because in the end they bring glory to Him. The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever; and that is what we must focus on during those days when it seems the world is falling apart around us. We, in our everyday lives, in all our interactions with others, are to glorify God! So that is my especial focus this week--glorifying God; and now you also  know why I don't read the news much and why I usually only like to watch comedy or happy drama shows/movies...too much wrong in this world for this Mama to handle!

And now for the happy note: yesterday was my and husby's 9th wedding anniversary! Yes! 9 wonderful years together; I can hardly believe it's already been this long. Of course there have been up days and down days, but the wonderful thing is that through every day we have become closer to each other and to God. That is what makes it wonderful (other than the fact that my hubby is the sweetest most loving guy ever!) and that is why I would do it all over again, and why I am so excited to see what the next 9 years will bring! Maybe 9 more kids? :) 
Also our new coffee maker arrived yesterday; what perfect timing! So one thing is for sure, this married couple is not only happily married, but also happily caffeinated!

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