Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Mommy Notes

Well yesterday during naptime, it being Sunday, I took a nap too. As I also did today, for no good reason other than that I was tired and hubby encouraged me to take a nap. So I am late on posting, and the dishes still aren't done. Small Boy is playing with our cordless phone. I bought this phone at Target for $12 about 6 or 7 years ago. We rarely use a home phone and most of the time I leave it unplugged because it has an obnoxious ringer. I plug it in when I want to make a call, and anyone who wants to call me does so on my cell phone. So the other day I was gone and the phone was dunked in my husband's coffee. You see, Small Boy has a compulsion to put into our coffee cups anything within a decent distance of them that he can fit in before we can stop him. Something catches his eye and you'd think the house was on fire the way he hurries to throw in the napkin or pen or crayon. Anyway, the phone  appears to no longer work. I had it plugged in charging for the last 4 hours and it still seems entirely dead; so now small boy is pounding on the charger base with his plastic hammer. I'll plug it in overnight tonight but I think it is officially a toy.

He has also started the cutest thing; every time he does something, like step over his Big Wheel, (or at this current moment, take the lid off my tea kettle), he holds his arms out and says "Taaaa!" and we have to do it too, or at least acknowledge his accomplishment. I'm sure we will be tired of it after the 500th time in three days but it is cute right now. I'm also thinking I should take away the tea kettle next time he isn't looking; after all he broke the phone and being as he is a very busy two-year-old, I'm pretty sure he will figure out a way to accidentally ruin the enamel on my tea kettle. Which would surely make me cry, I really like that tea kettle because it matches my china. Right now it is being stuffed with little cars. :) 

I made chicken noodle soup for dinner with peas in it. I made a great show of putting some in a bowl for Boy and setting my bowl on his highchair tray and eating it with him, to try to get him to try it. But nope, no way was he going to try any; of course he did squish the peas and spread them on his tray, and he did spoon it from my bowl to his and back again. So he had a hot dog again for dinner, along with quite a few Wheat Thins and some yogurt. The whole theory of "your kids will want to eat what they see you eating" failed yet again... I really should know by now that it doesn't work with this one; I will try something different tomorrow!

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