Friday, July 5, 2013

The day after...

Yesterday was a great day. I woke up so exhausted that I wanted to cancel the family day and stay in bed. I only got out of bed by sheer willpower, and let me tell you, I have amazing willpower! However, by the time I was finishing my LARGE cup of coffee and bustling about in the kitchen, I was awake enough to carry on. It ended up being a fun day; met some new people, saw old friends, and got a sunburn while Mom and I watched Small Boy throw rocks in the water. BIG rocks--that boy is strong! I also attempted to throw my "little" brother off the jet-ski; ya, since I didn't want to make him hit the water at 50mph, I was unsuccessful. Which is fine, I had fun anyway! So Small Boy had two play sessions in the water, each time playing until he was so cold he started shivering and wanting Mommy to take him to get dry. And then of course he headed straight back to the water, not understanding why Mommy didn't want his dry shoes and clothes back in the water! :)  Anyway, that Boy spent about 6 hours moving non-stop. Yes, that means I did too, although Mom helped me keep track of him also! Which also means that he fell asleep on the way home within 2 minutes, and then when we got home and walked in the front door, it was meltdown time. Poor boy was sooo exhausted he just didn't know what he wanted; so hubby and I gave him a quick bath, then we spent a while soothing and singing to him, then I spent and hour and a half rocking him to sleep. After which I put him in bed slightly awake; I think he finally fell asleep by 10pm.  Then this morning, the phone rang at 6:11. Yep it was some random wrong # call, but it woke Boy and Us up, and I have had a headache ever since.

So now Small Boy is in bed for his nap and I am having the age-old "Mommy debate" with myself--To Nap or Not To Nap? I have a PILE of dishes in the sink to handwash, and I have to go run errands after hubby gets home from work. Right now would be my only chance to nap, but is also an optimal time to do dishes, as Small Boy is napping. What?  What's that you said??? Yes, I agree! I will pick up my newest issue of Martha Stewart Living that I have not finished reading, turn on the TV, and see where this afternoon takes me :)  This is a holiday weekend, after all!

Have a great Independence Day weekend, everyone!!!

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