Saturday, July 20, 2013

Marriage and Coffee

Our 9th wedding anniversary is next week, so I've been thinking a lot about marriage lately. You know, I was reading an article recently about some famous person who had been married so long (seven years!) and it dawned on me, our marriage has outlasted most Hollywood marriages! (Not that that was our goal :) ) But along with that I have been thinking of how lightly people seem to take marriage today, even some Christians! So many people these days seem to take an attitude of "Oh well, we just aren't compatible" instead of really trying. I heard someone just the other day (who professes to be a Christian) say he was so glad his divorce was finalized, he and his ex are much better friends now! People, what ever happened to "For better or for worse"??? Isn't that the catch-all phrase that takes care of anything that isn't money or health related? Sadly, our society is very much focused on immediate gratification, i.e., if it doesn't please me now, or if it doesn't work out now, then just get rid of it and get something different. That applies for coffee makers, but not marriage! We bought a new coffee maker this week as an anniversary present to each other; it was a nice single serve one, similar to something we had and liked a few years ago. But it brewed the coffee with a very strange flavor, and after doing a bit of research, we found that this is common with this particular coffee maker. Yesterday, hubby returned it and ordered a different brand; hopefully it will work out better! People, that is what you do with coffee makers, not marriages!!! If we can't stick through troubles and work out issues together, then what are we saying to God? Are we saying that the vow we took to each other before Him is just disposable? Do Christians have so little respect for such a solemn thing as a vow taken before God that they would find excuses and twist the scriptures to excuse their bad relationship as something that "was never going to work out so it's just best to end it"?! Okay, I'm off my soapbox for now; just wanted to give you all something to think about.

Now I'm going to finish eating my Cheerios, make hubby's dinner, and then when Small Boy wakes up we are going to go to the mall and work off some of his energy at the playground there until Daddy gets off work. Hopefully Small Boy will fall asleep sooner than 10pm tonight...Oh the things I never pictured as being part of becoming a Mommy! xoxo Baby!

Edit: I linked up to WLW last week but didn't figure out until just now how to add Courtney's linky button to my post; so here it is! :) My apologies for not having figured it out sooner...

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