Saturday, August 10, 2013

Applesauce, sticks, and learning...

It's been a busy last few days, although they haven't been terribly eventful; just the normals of laundry, dishes, cooking, and keeping up with a busy Small Boy. Also, that Boy skipped napping for three days in a row; and that always puts a damper on my creativity here on the computer. He thinks it is incredibly funny to either hit the power button or shut the lid of my computer; ya that means it's time for Mom to just give up and get down on the floor and play.
I did manage to get some applesauce made; and mmmm it is tasty! Boy loves it; and I agree, it is much better than the store-bought.  The apples in the pan above are about 4" deep in a 12" round pot. I ended up dumping them into a deeper pot before boiling. Add about 2 cups water and boil until soft, about 25 minutes.
Pour into a big bowl, then sprinkle on about 2 Tbsp cinnamon and 1/4 cup sugar, and stir!
He also got his first haircut! Below's picture is obviously pre-haircut; but he still has his curls! Yes, even his hair is just like Daddy's. We have been to visit Great-Grandma twice, the first day was sunny and we picked apples and small boy played with sticks and water.
A big stick and a tub full of water = happy boy!
So very busy!

Yesterday's visit was off and on rainy so we mostly visited indoors and Boy got to empty her Tupperware cupboard. Today, he finally took a nap! So I got some much-needed ironing and such done.

I have also been mulling over the idea of what age he will start school. There has been some talk lately in the mommy blogosphere lately on that topic, and it wasn't something I had much considered until now.  Five vs. six, and some Mamas are starting theirs at four! Of course it also makes a difference as to whether you are doing public/private school, or homeschooling. I for one am of the opinion that whether you are technically homeschooling or not, you are still homeschooling them for the first five years of their lives anyway--think about it: we teach them how to get dressed, how to go on the toilet on their own, how to wash their hands, how to tell time, names of colors, etc. You see my point. So while at this point I am a bit undecided on the whole idea of conventional schooling or not (leaning towards private Christian school), I still feel no matter exactly when/whether I "send" my kids to school, I have still been initially and will continue to school them at home. Anyway, I think we have always planned on him starting kindergarten when he turned five; he has a June birthday though, so he might be a "young" five in his class...Then again, at the rate he is progressing right now, learning his numbers and recognizing his letters, I am pretty sure he will be ready at five. So we shall see, lots of time to decide yet. :)

Now for the kitchen clean-up; I did quite a bit of baking/cooking today, including a dinner that hubby LOVED! Yes, a "new" creation of lettuce-wrapped chicken fajitas are heaven when you are on a boring low-carb diet and your wife has been cooking you the same thing for months on end. :)  They actually did turn out pretty enough for pictures, I just didn't think of it till it was too late...


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