Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Project 365 Writing/Photography Challenge; Post #10

Okay there's a reason I called this a "Writing/Photography Challenge"; and that reason is that there isn't necessarily going to be a reason to take a picture every day. Most days there is photographic material, but this morning was what you might call a brain lapse and this afternoon was just flat busy. I got all the dishes washed and had lots of fun playing with Small Boy. Then I got pork chops in the crockpot with low carb BBQ sauce, then headed to the dentist (where I worked yesterday, but today was me in the hot seat).  And wha-la, $9somethinghundred later, I have a post&core buildup and am awaiting my new crown in three weeks. Oh ya, so much fun I tell ya! (Not photographic material that you would want to see...) Maybe I should also add that I am a much better hygienist than a patient. Yup, a couple shots and an hour plus with the bumpy drill in my mouth doesn't thrill me. So then I got home and was almost ready to leave again when Boy came up and gave me an impromptu snuggle and begged to be picked up again. Wonderful snuggles were had, then I headed back out the door to a job interview. I feel like it went well, so I guess we'll see. Then I headed to the liquor store and rewarded my bravery today with Irish Cream. Anyway, I spent the last hour cross-stitching on the stocking; actually half of my time was spent removing the stitching I did a few nights ago, because I discovered I did it all in the wrong color! :(
So I will say goodbye for now, because I need to finish redoing that area in white thread instead of the cream. Picture tomorrow!

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