Saturday, August 24, 2013

Project 365 Writing/Photography Challenge; Post #7

Alright, today's picture is a mental one for you. You see, my small, busy snuggle of a boy did not take a nap today. Instead, after an hour of attempting naptime, he had a stinky diaper, so I gave him a fresh diaper and that was the end of naptime. I then spent the next hour snuggled on the sofa with him, watching Max & Ruby. He was cuddled right up close, and I had my arms wrapped around him, with his legs over my hands. He likes his legs curled up when he is sitting in the couch. Sometimes he was holding my hand, his little fingers clasping my not-petite hand, and sometimes he was using his little hand to squeeze my arm, and sometimes doing both. His little head was snuggled up against my shoulder and I was the happiest Mama on earth. I wanted a picture of that little hand holding mine, but neither my camera nor my phone were anywhere near, and I was not about to disrupt my Snugglebutton. So that is my picture for you today. If you are a parent, I know you have that same picture of you in your mind with your precious little one(s). And if not, I hope you don't think I am just skipping out on photography today; I hope you understand that sometimes the best photographs are moments which will never be captured, but always remembered and treasured.

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