Monday, August 26, 2013

Project 365 Writing/Photography Challenge; Post #9

Yes, it's scrambled eggs. I make eggs every morning, usually scrambled with cheese, sometimes sunny side up. It depends on what meat we are having; if bacon, then scrambled, if sausage, then sunny side up. The logic behind that is infallible--you can't soak up egg yolks with bacon, but you can with sausage. (I really can't take credit for that, I learned it from hubby.)

Anyway, I figured since I am documenting the details of my life this year, I should really not miss these basic daily details.  :)  Such as, I stock up on eggs when they are on sale for $.49/doz at Albertson's. Did you know the "limit 2" is per transaction? Yep, grab as many as you want and then annoy the clerk and all the people in line behind you by ringing up as many transactions as you want. Actually, I doubt the clerk would mind, being as I learned that little trick from a particularly helpful clerk.
Anyway, I will quit rambling now and get back in the kitchen, because I just remembered tomorrow morning is gonna be busy and I should make life easier on myself and cook the bacon tonight while I wash dishes.


  1. I have to honestly say those are some of the BEST looking scrambled eggs i have seen ! Normally ppl burn there eggs, that is a huge no no heheh , Yours Look amazing!

    1. LOL I've made them almost daily for the last year and a half, they better be good! :)