Saturday, August 17, 2013

Project 365 Writing/Photography Challenge; Post #4

Well, no picture today after all. Today was only mildly crazy, except that I did just get back from the grocery store. I started painting a shelf that is in my kitchen, and it is not done yet--outside drying and it is too dark to take a picture now. I might take the day off tomorrow, as we have a family reunion to go to and I don't know how late we will get home. I definitely make no promises as to my capabilities of coherence after I have spent the afternoon chatting with a bunch of people I have only ever seen once, while trying to keep track of Small Boy. Anyway, I'm going to eat a small snack and head towards bed now; I should bake some more cookies tomorrow morning to take in addition to the oatmeal raisin. So I'm signing off now, and will see you all in a day or maybe two.  Pictures of the shelf will be forthcoming.  :)

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