Thursday, August 1, 2013


So I just realized this morning that I forgot to write a post last night. I realized it in the middle of unloading/putting away groceries, frying bacon and scrambled eggs, and trying to get Small Boy to eat his Cream of Wheat. Which reminds me I forgot to buy Cream of Wheat at the store this morning; one more good reason why hubby instituted a new list system this morning when I got home from the store--without doggie poo baggies, again. (Being as we live in the middle of the city in an apartment, and being as we live in a city that has made it illegal for grocery stores to give their customers plastic grocery bags, we not only have to pick up doggie's business, we also have to buy bags for it. Bleh.) I know having children makes you forgetful, (pregnancy hormones are apparently permanently destructive to the memory region of the brain) but I wonder sometimes if I am worse than average?!

So our new list system consists of my list pad pinned on top of the calendar in the living room. Everything goes on that list (hubby is supposed to write on it too, being as if he asks me to do it, I will likely forget!) and then when I am getting ready to go to the store, I will copy it onto my appropriate Cozi lists in my phone. I don't use Cozi for anything else, but I do like using the lists on my phone in the store--it reduces the chances that I will make it to the store without my list, because I always have my phone. Notice I said "reduces"--unfortunately there isn't a way to guarantee that I will get everything from the paper list on the wall into my phone. 

Now, I know those confessions may sound strange, however you must not consider me stupid or inept. I am in fact very smart ;) after all, I made it through four years of college with a GPA of something like 3.96. And I am very capable and am great at the "multi-tasking Mama" thing. Yesterday I got the necessary pair of pants hemmed for hubby and made myself a very cute apron, all with Small Boy climbing in and out of my lap, up and down off the desk my sewing machine is on, and sticking his finger in every possible hole in my sewing machine because he wanted to know how it works!
So at the end of the day, just remind yourself, that if you've forgotten many things, it actually means you got a lot accomplished. Here's the thing: you really only forget things if you are busy doing other things, because we all know a Mama never just does nothing!

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