Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cleaning, watering, and kiddos

My kitchen floor got swept and mopped this morning. I do not normally do housework on Sunday, and I even avoid doing the dishes on Sunday, mostly because I very much dislike dishes and I view the day of rest as a good excuse to not do dishes. Of course, I always pay on Monday! :(  First, Small Boy dumped his Honey Nut Cheerios all over the floor; no milk, just the cheerios that were left after he decided he was full. I personally can eat a LOT of those things before I'm full, I love 'em! Second, a couple hours later, he found a mostly-empty cup to dump on the floor--it had some red fruit punch left in it (yes I'm behind on yesterday's dishes). So then I got down on my hands and knees and gave the floor a thorough scrub, which it needed anyway.

And now it is naptime, which I had myself convinced earlier today was going to be my time to finish the dishes and maybe give the bathroom a swish and swipe. But I am so tired that I think I will take a nap instead. Boy and I spent about 5 hours at Grandma's house yesterday, during which I sat for maybe a total of 5 minutes because the rest of the time I was chasing him around trying to keep him out of trouble. Except when we were in the backyard, then I was also watering Grandma's plants and flowers. And we may go to the park this afternoon. So I'm going to lie down and attempt to make my brain shut off long enough to get in a nap. Then make lunch/dinner for hubby and whatever else my slightly workaholic self finds to do.

Maybe it's partly the workaholic in my that runs in my family that makes me want more kids? Last night when we were going to bed well after midnight, I asked hubby if I am crazy for wanting more kids. He responded no, that's what we were put on the earth to do, is be fruitful and multiply; but that I am also signing up for about a year of no sleep every time I have another baby. And yep, I still want another one...
Okay, bye for now!

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