Monday, August 5, 2013

Sleep (Haha! More like lack thereof!)

I love this picture; it's a year old but I love it!
So Small Boy skipped his nap today; he has been falling asleep later at night the last week or so, but of course tonight he went to bed early so I'm hoping to be back on schedule tomorrow! In case you haven't noticed, a sleep schedule is extremely important to me (well, our household)! We waited 5.5 months before we instituted a sleep schedule and then never looked back. That's not to say that it hasn't changed and evolved; if there's one thing I've learned to expect, it's that I never expect things to remain the same for very long! There are basic sleep patterns children should adhere to, based on their age, that generally produce the most happiness if they are followed. Notice I said "generally"; some children quit naps altogether when they turn 1.5 years, and others take 2 naps per day till they are 2 years old. However, in my experience, our son is happiest if he is well rested due to an adequate amount of sleep at the proper intervals in his day. Which makes perfect sense; I am a bit grumpy when I'm tired too. (Of course, Moms have to learn to be cheerful even on little sleep, I know. It's in the name "Mom"---definition is "sleep deprived around-the-clock do-it-all service"!) Anyway, 5.5 months was way too long to wait and we will definitely start sooner with the next one. If you are a first-time Mommy, just remember: you will make mistakes with this child and that's okay!!! With the second one, (in my estimation, not having a second one yet) you can't make many of those mistakes, say, sleeping on the couch holding the baby all night, because you have another one to look after who will get up and keep you in gear. (The hours of sitting on the couch with a newborn watching daytime television and nursing every hour-and-a-half just aren't going to happen with my second one because my firstborn is so busy there's no way I'll get to sit and nurse very often. I will probably get very good at nursing while walking/running to see what Small Boy is up to!)
But seriously, I don't know how we would survive without our sleep schedule!

Well, I'm not sure there's much use in me fighting my headache much longer by ignoring it. I think it's time for me to get up and take some Tylenol and eat dinner. I'm still sitting here because I really want something chocolate and I haven't decided what to make yet. I'm out of flour tortillas so it won't be a chocolate chip quesedilla. Maybe I'll just have to make a chocolate chip cookie in a mug. And then finish washing dishes. And then find some more low-carb recipes for hubby, because the poor guy has had some boring food lately...and by boring I mean I'm even getting bored of cooking it!


  1. I'm so with you on sleep schedules! We implemented a night-time routine from around 6 weeks as well as a day one, though the day one has changed as he's gotten older. He's now down to just two. I try to get a third in but he fights it and screams the entire time. So I just give him some rest time in bed for half an hour and that seems to give him the oomph he needs for tea and bathtime. And I so understand learning through mistakes. I won't demand feed our next as we did with J and it made him greedy and a terrible night sleeper! I loosely {and really loosely, because she can sound strict} follow the Gina Ford book. My SIL had her 6 week old sleeping through the night with a dream feed at 10pm by following it!

    1. I haven't heard of Gina Ford, I will look her up! We followed Babywise for the most part, although not as strictly as some people do :) I made the demand feed mistake unintentionally because it is really pushed here by all the nurses, nursing consultants, etc. that called to check up on my the first few weeks after kiddo was born...and next thing I knew, no sleep for me! Lol, I can laugh about it now, although I just cried alot then... :)