Friday, August 16, 2013

Project 365 Writing/Photography Challenge; Post #3

Okay, so I'm watching the season premiere of Duck Dynasty and listening to Small Boy on the monitor not napping.  So to answer the obvious question, yes I'm watching it at 1:30pm the day after on A&E's website, my son is not napping at 10pm. And I still don't know what to say, except that it is now 2pm and Small Boy is still awake. He (and therefore I, because I accidentally turned my alarm off instead of hitting snooze) slept in till 8 this morning, and I heard him awake for quite a while around 5am, so I think his schedule is completely off. I just ate breakfast at 1pm today, as it was already a busy morning. I got up feeling behind, made breakfast for hubby and Boy, then Boy and I ran to Costco before hubby went to work. Now I need to plan the rest of the shopping that I need to do at Freddy's tomorrow. And I am thinking that Boy may actually be falling asleep after all. Nope, just heard him talk again. I also am really wanting some cookies, so I guess that means I ought to get up and make them, and quite rambling here. After debating on showing you the box of diapers I picked up at Costco (we are now stocked up for a month, yay! But yes I know that is kinda blah for a photo...) or the sink full of dirty dishes (I know, not pretty), I have settled on this one as the nice part of today :)

And now I gotta go get Small Boy up 'cause I'm pretty sure if he ever does fall asleep for a nap, that he won't go to bed tonight till 11, and that won't make for a well-rested easy-goin' Mama tomorrow.

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