Thursday, August 29, 2013

Project 365 Writing/Photography Challenge; Post #11

This little shelf is something I look at many, many times each day. It is one of only two decorative shelves that I have up. Really, two is plenty in our little space, but I grew up in a home in which my Mom loves to collect pretty china/glassware and has many shelves and several hutches filled with her beautiful conquests. My shelves, at present, are a little different than your average collection showcase. They do not strike you at first as being valuable or important, but each thing has meaning to me. My mom found me this shelf years ago, shortly after we were married, so on top of it's uniqueness, it has been with us long enough that it has sentimental value. I have always loved the color green, ever since I can remember. I remember telling my little brother that green was a girl color and blue was a boy color, so he couldn't have anything that was green! The little green bowl is depression glass, I got it from Mom long ago; the little green vase is just pretty. The little dried rosebud in the bowl is from the top of my birthday cake this year; hubby got me the most amazing delicious little cake with carnations on top! The little tea tin I got recently in a box of tea, and I have always loved the picture (and the flavor) of this particular tea. The pink pitcher was in my hubby's mother's collection, so it is of course special. (She went to be with Jesus on October 31, 2005--a little over a year after we were married). The little violin my Mom got me because I am a violinist (again, violin is something I have loved ever since I was very young); I think it is a little dish meant to hold jewelry on one's dressing table, but I have always just displayed it. And I'm not sure where I got the bell, I think it was also from hubby's mom.
So you see, each little piece has meaning to me, making the whole a very comforting cheerful spot in my kitchen. That is me, my decorative style--things I love and that have meaning to me. I will probably never be that person who has the perfectly styled home according to the fashion at the time. I enjoy those homes, but those just aren't me. I have read more and more often in some of the recent home decorating magazines, that if you are trying to make a space you truly love, don't worry about things "matching". Take your time, and decorate with those little "mismatched" things you see from time to time that you absolutely love; take them home and they will go together! So as you decorate your own home, don't drive yourself crazy and frustrated looking at all the beautiful room designs from magazines etc. that you think are pretty but just can't afford or can't make them mesh with your home. Just wing it; go with your heart. If you love it, it belongs; if you don't, it doesn't!

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